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When is the Best Time to go to the Caribbean?

Collecting shells, Turks and Caicos

When you think of the Caribbean you think abundant sunshine, clear skies, and the perfect temperature. While it may be like that most of the time, there are times of the year that may not appeal to you. Do you enjoy crowds or no crowds? Do you like it to be hot or cooler? Do you absolutely need to get away in those winter months? Or do you want a great price on the hotel and flight? These are all questions you need to ask yourself prior to booking. Just like life you cannot have it all. Below, I will let you know when it’s the perfect time for you to go!

For me, I do not like crowds, I like it hot (so I won’t freeze when getting out of the ocean), I would prefer to get away in the winter months but not necessary (crazy, harsh Chicago winters), and I also like a good deal. Therefore the best time for me to go is end of winter season, before/after spring break, or middle of May-June for a better deal, plus its hot :). How did I come up with that? Keep reading!

Lets break it down.

$$$ will equal most expensive and $ will equal least expensive.

High Season: $$$

High season typically runs from mid December-mid April. Here you will find larger crowds and you will pay top dollar because of the high demand to escape the unforgiving winter. But, just because it is the Caribbean doesn’t mean they do not get affected by chilly winter temperatures. There is about a 10 degree temperature difference between Northern Caribbean spots and the Southern Caribbean. For example, in the Bahamas the average high could be 70 degrees while in Trinidad and Tobago the average will be 79 degrees.   Reservations for this time should be made well in advance. If you are the type of person who does not mind crowded places and doesn’t mind spending more money just to get away from the winter temps up north then this would be the time for you to go. I have gone on vacation during January and it is so very nice to get away from the cold winters of Chicago but that higher price to pay is not always nice.

To Summarize:

♦Milder temps

♦More expensive

♦Get to escape the cold winter

♦Rain is rare

Sunset on St.John


Shoulder Season: $$

Shoulder season starts mid April-May and also can include late October-November. There is less demand for hotels so you can expect to find a good deal. Shoulder season does not include Easter and spring break times, it revolves around it. What is also great about this season is it provides ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving. This is a time when water is calm, visibility is best, and marine life is active. Think of October and November like summer break for the locals and because of that some shops, restaurants, and resorts may be closed. Temperatures are almost perfect, little rainfall, and less crowds. I tend to head down to the Caribbean during this time and each time has been pleasant with no complaints. Although one time, out of the 10 years of traveling to the Caribbean, our last two days were straight rain 😦 but considering it only happened once I will have to consider it a fluke. I still love my islands!

To Summarize:

♦Great temperatures

♦Best time for snorkeling and diving

♦Good deals

♦Less crowded

♦Some resorts, shops, and restaurants close during October and November

st martin
No crowds!


Low Season: $$

Low season is June-August. During this time you can expect less crowds, can get a better deal on prices, and temperatures are in the mid-high 80’s with an average low in the 70s. This is a great time if you want a quiet and relaxed vacation. June is considered the rainiest month of the year. Nassau, Bahamas comes in first for highest total rainfall in the month of June at 8.6 inches of rain, followed by Havana, Cuba at 7.2 inches, and third place goes to Lamentin, Martinique with 6.7 inches of rain. Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao win for the least amount of rainfall during June, all with totals less then 1 inch.

To Summarize:

♦Better deal for hotels

♦Hotter temps

♦Less crowded

♦June is rainy season



Hurricane Season:

Expect to find LOW prices during this time. I am sure can guess why. Hurricane season is technically June-November. But August is when to really see less than ideal weather. Also, September and October is usually the peak time for hurricanes. But not all Hurricanes treat the Caribbean the same. You want to know something interesting? Hurricanes do not like the equator and therefore tend to stay away from it. That is good news for the southeastern Caribbean! What is even better Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Barbados are rarely affected by hurricanes. Alright! What is not so good is the southwestern and northeastern tend to have the most.

To summarize:

♦Will find best prices on hotels

♦Expect lots of humidity

♦Seas can be rough

♦Not crowded

I hope you have found your ideal time you would like to travel to the Caribbean. Let me know how it goes! If you have any other comments or suggestions on when the best time to go is, I would love to hear from you!

Happy Traveling!






dream destination

Dream Destination: Tulum, Mexico

Good morning travelers! I hope this post will help you get through this Monday. In this post I will go over some of the really unique places to stay in Tulum, Mexico. Have you ever been to Tulum? It seems enchanting with the ruins, cenotes, turquoise waters, and eco resorts.

So you want to stay in a treehouse… on the beach?? YES please!

Before we get there, have you ever heard of an Eco Resort? Well, an Eco-Resort by definition is as follows: a tourist resort whose facilities are intended to have a minimal impact on the local environment. Many eco resorts try to conserve the natural environment while improving life of the local people. That means they promote recycling, energy and water conservation, and create economic opportunities for the community. There are many variations of eco resorts. For example, some have no electric what-so-ever while some have air conditioner but only at night.

By being at an eco resort it is also important to be an eco-tourist. That means while hiking remember to pick up your own trash, stay on designated trails so you do not disturb fragile ecosystems, learn about the area you are visiting before you get there, leave wild animals in peace, and shop from local businesses. I would say these are simple and easy to do so be a good person and do the right thing :).

For more info about EcoTourism click → here!

Now for the fun part! Let’s discover some awesome, exciting, and unique places in Tulum! The three resorts I have listed below are not your typical resorts in Mexico where they have huge pools, crowds of people, and all the luxuries of the modern world.  Instead, you get to be in a more intimate setting, closer to nature, and you get to stay in distinctive lodging. To get to Tulum, most would fly into Cancun and its about a 2 hour drive from there. Read on to discover if an eco resort is something you would give a try!

Papaya Playa Project

Maya Oceanfront Cabana

If you want rustic yet sophisticated, the jungle, and the beach then go to Papaya Playa Project. All of their rooms are built with local materials and construction techniques. You can choose to stay in villas, beach houses or a treehouse! Prices range from $160/night and up (depending on when you go). Most of the lodging has its own plunge pool and air conditioning, but wifi is only in the beach houses. I think a great deal is the Maya Oceanfront Cabana for $225 a night. You get oceanfront, your own terrace, and air conditioning. If you want to spend $1,000/night then you can stay in the exceptional treehouse! Its really cool though. To learn more about the Papaya Playa Project check out their website here.

Private Casita Oceanfront

*All pictures are from the Papaya Playa Project website


Candlelight only

Azulik: An eco-lux resort, where premises are lit only by candlelight and adults can for a relax in the natural and magical ambiance. It is a place where you get reconnected to what matters to you most. What attracted me to this place was the abundance of hammocks, the rustic treehouse look, and the colorful interiors. The 9 wooden crafted villas are made from native materials and each is different but all come with private mosaic bathtub, a bed with mosquito net, private terrace, and will fit 2 adults. Sorry, no air conditioning but you will get great ocean breezes. For those looking for honeymoon ideas check out the honeymoon villa (so cool!)

Honeymoon Villa
Look at that view!

Now, lets talk money. Prices are $400 and up depending on when you go. Try to book at least 2-3 months in advance. A 50 min deep tissue massage will cost around $140 and a 60 min group yoga class will cost around $15. Lastly, there are three remarkable restaurants at the resort but prices were not available online. For more information on this magical resort check the website here!

Mi Amor Colibri Boutique Hotel and Spa

Mi Amor. Picture from

You can consider this hotel to be a boutique, luxury small hotel (total 18 rooms). Prices are around $370 and up. I am attracted its low key sophistication and I love its interior design. It has wifi but no TV’s but who cares when you have the beautiful ocean at your doorstep. You can kite board, check out the ruins, scuba dive, or take cooking classes. Breakfast entrees run around $8, cocktails are about $13, and beers are $3-$7. Dinner entrees and pasta cost anywhere from $13-$25. I would say prices are not too bad but I guess that depends on what you like to eat and drink.

Sunset at Mi Amor. Picture from

If Mi Amor does not appeal to you the Colibri hotel group has 4 other options to choose from and they look just as incredible as this one. To look at the website for Mi Amor click here and to check out the other hotels of the Colibri group just scroll to the bottom of the website and they are listed there. If Colibri hotels are not your thing and you want to check out other small luxury hotels click here.

Mi Amor, part of Colibri Boutique Hotels. Picture from Trip Advisor.

I realize these places would be great for a romantic getaway.  I wonder if romance is on my mind?? Or perhaps the stresses of city living have inspired my desire to experience the all encompassing nature that Tulum can provide. All in all, my suggestion would be to stay in a less expensive hotel for half your trip then stay in one of these unique places for a night or two. Or stay the whole time. YOLO!

Let me know if you have been to these places or know of any other unique and rustic eco resorts! Have a great day adventurers!