Island Away

The Island Away from the Island: Virgin Islands

It’s finally Saturday, hooray! Here is a little reading you can do before you venture out for the weekend!

When you say you are going to the Virgin Islands it is most likely going to be the main islands like St.Thomas/St. John/St. Croix. But did you know that the total area of the USVI is 133 sq miles and consists of 50 smaller islands and cays! So there you go, there are plenty of other smaller islands you can visit as well! Many are way less populated than the main islands and can provide a more intimate atmosphere. Below I have a list of some islands to visit and/or stay when you are visiting St.Thomas.


Buck Island (National Reef)

An uninhabited island 176 acre island and 1.5 miles north of St. Croix. It is currently a National Reef Monument. You can get here through private charter tours. It is a great snorkel spot! Check here for more information on how to get here.

Thatch Cay

If you are the adventure seeker check out this small uninhabited, private island. Its about a half mile from St. Thomas. You can kayak here if you are adventurous enough, otherwise you can take a private charter. You can also cliff jump and snorkel here. It is also for sale for the small price $30 million 😉

Dog Island 

This island is part of the BVI and consists of other islets: Little Seal Dog Island, East Seal Dog Island, West Dog Island, and George Dog Island. all is located northwest of Virgin Gorda and 6 miles north east of Tortola. It got its name by the sailors who anchored there and heard barking and thought there must be dogs on the island. The noise was actually from monk seals (which are now extinct). The island is great for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Water Island

Water Island became the fourth US Virgin Island in 1996. Its a 10 minute ferry ride form Charlotte Amalie. There are underground tunnels from WWII that you can tour! There are no hotels but there are villas and homes to rent or even a boat to stay on! I Think it would be cool to stay on that boat 😉 Here is a link for the ferry schedule to Water Island.

Saba Island 

Saba Island, not to be confused with Saba in the Lesser Antilles, is a US Virgin Island located 2.6 miles west of Water Island. It is a steep 200 ft. island with a beach on its northern side. This is a rocky island but there are plenty of ship wrecks and is a great place for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Hans Lollik Island

This undeveloped 510 acre island is for sale!!! Who has 29 million dollars!? Not me! This beautiful island is a spectacular site to see before it get developed. Pristine beaches and no crowds, sounds good to me. You can get here by a charter boat such as the Blue Tang Yacht Charters. You can visit there website here.


Captivated by St. John

For more information on Island hopping and ferry schedules in the Virgin Islands check this website ⇒

Or if you would like to do a private charter with Blue Tang Yacht Charters, click ⇒ here.

Feel free to leave me any suggestions or comments below! Have an awesome weekend island lovers!



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