Fun facts

Margarita Day

“Margarita: its more than just a girls name.”

That was the tagline to the first importer of Jose Cuervo in the United States, which was in 1945. Many people have claimed they invented the margarita but I like the story of a woman in 1938 who told the bartender that she was allergic to all hard liquors except tequila and poof! the margarita was born!  Febuary 22nd, which is today, is national margarita day. Who knew!? Margaritas are known for their salty, sweet, and sour combination. I enjoy the classic margarita: tequila, lime, and triple sec. But Margaritas come in many different flavor combinations now. What is your favorite? For my Chicagoans, where can you get the best margaritas? While you think, here are 5 fun facts about margaritas:

  1. Margarita means daisy in Spanish
  2. The worlds largest margarita was made is Las Vegas (not surprised)
  3. The salt is important because it dampens the bitterness of the liquor
  4. The first margarita machine was invented by a high school drop-out in 1971.
  5. All tequila must be made by the blue agave plant.

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