Tips for Trips

3 tips for flying in 2017

If you are looking for ways to save when traveling consider these tips:

1. Book approximately 8 weeks or 2 months before your departure.

I have heard this before and i think generally it holds true. I did apply this rule a few times in the past 2 years and I say it has worked for me. No hurt in trying!

2. Use an app geared toward traveling.

Hopper, Skyscanner, and Airfare Watchdog are just some examples of the apps out there. They are great tools to help you brainstorm your travel ideas. So far, I have only personally used Hopper and Skyscanner. Hopper is great for figuring out when the cheapest month/week to fly and it also gives you notifications when prices are about to rise or when to wait it out. However, I have found google flights to be a better resource when finding the cheapest flight. Sky scanner is cool because it compares prices to destinations all over the world. Or there is an option to pick a month and find the best deals for that month in destinations all over the world. Let me know if of any other apps and if they work well for you!

3. Fly out midweek

Flights seem to be cheaper when departing on a tuesday or wednesday and/or returning midweek. I can personally say this is true and I tend to use this route when traveling. Try it out!

“The Grid” over Chicago

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